Moving Temporary..

I moved my blog to here.

Just temporary thou, it's because i want to change the blog layout, but i' too lazy busy to re-setting all over the sidebar..

Soo.. Moving-moving..


Craft time!

This week, i found my new "toys" (just hoping it's not temporary hobbies).

Around two weeks ago, i bought an iClay package from Gramedia. There are two main reason why i finally bought this thing (actually, i've been wanting to buy a Clay, but i keep postpone it because the price is killing me),

first..because it's on discount (On Gramedia Sale event 30% @ MKG), and second.. i need to find some material for my final assignment purpose.

Actually, when i decided to buy it.. i haven't realize that there are lot type of clay. And what i bought is the jumping clay type (of soft clay). The clay is soft and very light, it is also air dry based. And from informations i got from internet, they said that jumping clay is suitable for children (because of it easiness), but it's also recommendable for beginner like me :P ). And what else type of clay, hmm.. i found that there are paper clay, polymer clay, and the real clay (tanah liat).

This is the set that i've bought

It contains 6 basic color jumping clay such as red, blue, white, green, purple and yellow,

and 4 tools that will help you making the clay.

And these are what i've been made this couple of weeks..

Hmm.. weirdo, why when i upload these pic on the blog, the result is a bit greyish?? @_@; *try to fixed it*


*desperate* Arghh.. i can't change it.. i'll try again later..

Anyway, i'm still learning and adaptating with iClay.. :D

My first attempt, i made that pink love (but in the end, i try to cut it a bit using cutter.. that's why that pink love is somehow look weird) fish bone, after that black cat, candle, chocolate stuff and chocochips, duck (i want to make pato prom pocoyo, but.. it turn out to be a mess, than i modificated it :P ), and the latest i made that blue creature, just playing with iClay.

Playing much! :D



Since i dont have any idea what to write, i'll just post my another trial and error macro photos one by one (biar keliatan ada updetannya). Whahah.. ahem.

This spiral is cute, this is actually a part from passion fruit tree that grew in my garden's house. Too bad it's not really focus (a bit blurry). But i love spiral shape :3

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